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August 22 2016


Riders of Icarus: fake bid/trolls will be ignored

I come from a number of different MMO's in which I have had a shop up and decided to finally make one here. 

I will not tolerate any trolls or fake bids on any items posted within this post.

Rules are as follows:
1) As stated above, fake bid/trolls will be ignored and if breaking of forum rules will be reported.
2) A BO (also known as, Biggest Offer, will not guarantee you the item). If the BO is lower than the value set by myself or those who use my services to sell their ROI Gold, it will not be sold for that price.
3) Please take your time looking at the wish list of the sellers items before offering for the item/s you are interested in. Offering the item or currency which the seller is looking for will greatly increase your chance at obtaining the item.
4) If you are interested in using my services to help you sell items please send me a PM and we can talk. Most of my personal items will be sold at a lower average price than the current market. This does mean they will be 10% lower than the current market average.

From which then we will discuss the terms of service and when you could expect your item/s. Items include gear from dungeons with specific stats, potions, elixirs, marks, or seal familiars. 

Disclosure: My character Hashtagheals is ingame 100% of the time unless there is maintenance. So your always free to PM or send me a postal message through the mail system. If you do send me a PM ingame I may be doing another order so please be patient and I will get back to you in a timely manner.

Please be aware I do have an active referral program which I have used in a number of MMO's. 

Referral Program: For every paying customer that you refer to me, I'll give you 5% of their total purchase Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. So for example a 100G purchase will net you a FREE 5G for just referring. In the future I will be creating a referral program more in depth which will net you a % based on how many referrals you have sent my way. 

June 30 2016


Some sort of backlash of Tree of Savior

Excuse me but in hierarchical, old-fashioned Korea, it's really hard for someone to go about things openly and honestly without receiving some sort of backlash.

It was probably incredibly frustrating to be in her position, powerless to either help the community or to defend her company because doing either one would put her at the risk of the Cheap Tree Of Savior Silver. And with no other channels of resolving this in a rigid Korean company, I think it's no wonder that some of her replies were somewhat resigned.

Her job was shitty and there was nothing she could do to make it better. Her company was probably unreceptive, with the higher management likely to be giving her a hard time. Sure, mistakes were made, but at least we had a sense of transparency and effort on her behalf, rather than the standard lip service paid towards the community.
If being a little snarky and gaining the community's sympathy and support is her only option to change a company that stubbornly clung on to bad practices, then I'm all for it. There's little else she could do.

Thanks for point the same thing that I was going to say. That post from her that was shared here in reddit yesterday just showed to me that she was a really bad "employee".

There some issues about your job that you should never let the Cheap TOS Silver.
PS.: I'm not saying that the game don't have any problem or that wouldn't be nice to have a GM hearing our complains, but her attitude was too much.

She cared, and that's what mattered to me. She didn't need to. It would've been easier for her if she'd just ignored us and done what she was told, but she didn't want to let us down.

Having employees who are invested is important. It's rare that you hire someone who really cares about what they're doing like that.

I remember sending tons of requests to transfer my dlc items to SEA server just to be turned down by IMC staffs (because they said only unopened DLC pack can be transfered w/c in my case, I opened the pack but didn't use the items). I PM'd Julie once and she told me that only those DLC contents w/c are unused (stat reset, dlc items w/c are unused), can be transfered and asked me if I'm fine with it. She did all of those communication and transfer within the day. I'm now worried if there's another CM who can do this.

That's my thoughts. There isn't a lot of humanity on the forums. We have a surprisingly large amount of vocal trolls and not the fun kind either Tree Of Savior Silver. Or just raging newbies that saw ToS on twitch and brought it. We can hope that it gets better as time goes on.
Tags: Tree of Savior

June 20 2016


Blade And Soul: doing atm, chilling tf out and keeping an ear out

As for Elys' opinion which I get BNS Power leveling, I think there wont be a quarrel about rng drops in the dungeons, or at least a long term dissent. Look at the rng boxes they promised they wont let us suffer for before na/eu release...they released it, people lamented and they still bought it some even impulsed and went full 500 usd ++ in boxes...after lamenting mind you. 

The same thing can be applied to rng dungeon drops except there would be a justified cause...to corner buyers and sellers into using detectable methods. 

I agree, it wont be justified to flag them based on insane prices but its whats necessary to be able to look into something. You flag it first, then inspect, if criteria isn't met then a ban is issued. If it was still a wrongful ban player can ask for a reprieve with proof and explanation, besides theres no loss, there are people being wrongfully banned anyway and they're even more pissed because its done without a cause(the curbing of bots/hackers).

I agree with u that in the end the biggest problem are players buying BNS Gold but lets be real, they're not gonna stop if they cannot be punished swiftly and justly. Backing them into a corner so they can be targeted easier is the only way imo. Every other method is pushing a bigger boulder up a steeper hill.

I wasn't implying it would lead to a permanent solution, or having more coders. I was implying hiring even one guy that actually knows what he's doing (like that Microsoft-nominated security MVP) would probably come up with a much more robust solution than whatever NCSoft developers are [not] doing with the help of Blade & Soul Gold. I'm a developer myself, so I know there isn't a permanent solution, but there can be a better solution. When their methods are only working for the first few days after implementation (at best), you know it's probably bad. Good solutions can cost a lot of money though. 
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June 18 2016


Do Blade And Soul Gold Buyers Get Banned

The question is concerned about by almost all Blade And Soul Gold buyers. It can not be answered simply "yes" or "no", because NCSOFT did ban some accounts with large amounts of Gold on Sep. 28, 2015. The ban case has caused a wide range of discussion and got NCSOFT into much trouble. However, since then, NCSOFT never ban Blade And Soul Gold buyers in the past three months, in the meantime, NCSOFT is irregularly keeping ban of Gold farmers.
Currency is more important in Blade And Soul than in any other Blade-Soul.com. As you know, there is almost no Gold drop, and it is worthless if you sell materials and gears to vendors. Therefore, as an enterprising adventurer, it is necessary to buy Gold if you do not have time to farm materials by yourself. Actually, it is the same as any other Blade-Soul.com.

I have been playing games since 2014 and selling game currency since 2016, never heard players' accounts got banned because they bought currency. For example, if NCSOFT bans Gold buyers, most of the players already got banned, for there are millions of players have been bought Gold, in this case the game BNS should have died already. For NCSOFT’s another game Blade And Soul, a player who talked about this ban case said that "I knew a number of people who bought Gold in Blade And Soul and never even received a warning about it unless they talked about it openly/bought very large quantities."
Hundreds and thousands of Blade And Soul players have bought Blade And Soul Gold from our site Blade-Soul.com since the first release of Blade And Soul in 2014, never heard any one of them got banned because they bought BNS Gold from us. Furthermore, millions of players have bought Blade And Soul Gold from innumerable other sites and players. If NCSOFT bans all of them, you can guess what will happen. So, I think the reason why NCSOFT banned some accounts with a large number of Gold before is because NCSOFT made a false judgement that they thought mistakenly those accounts as farmers. As stated above, in my opinion, Blade And Soul Gold buyers won’t get banned. Before you buy BNS Gold, the things you should concern about are to avoid buying Gold from scammers(players or sites), and if the seller has instant delivery. For more information about ban, visit at: http://www.Blade-Soul.com/

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June 16 2016


I swear I couldn't put 20x transactions in BnS

Back in January, the system gave me an error when I try to purchase more NCoins after the $100. I figured I hit the cap so I started buying pre-paid cards instead (for the soul stone rewards to Buy BNS Gold). Been using them ever since. 

Also, I do monitor my cc D: the 20x $100 came in today. I was checking my balance this morning and saw that I had $400 in credit left, then I got a text and called them. The representative said I gave NCsoft authorization in January (to buy $100 NCoin) so I need to call NCsoft to resolve it. My card was still active at that point in time. I asked him to lock it and STOP the transactions (because they were still taking money out) but he kept insisting that I contact NCsoft to resolve it. That's when I got pissed off and raged at him, asking to talk to the manager. Both of them never told me about he $2000 total until I asked multiple times. 

The manager basically told me that the $2000 already went through and she was only able to stop the remaining $300-400 from being taken out. She said that I have to wait until the $2000 worth of transactions show up on my transaction history before I can contact them again so they can dispute Cheap BNS Gold. I'm a broke grad student, I really don't want to pay $2000 for no freaking reason. Finally, I didn't set the 2-step verification up D: I will do that now. Dumb mistake on my part 

These comments still blow my mind. How the heck do you even lose a phone? Maybe pay some attention?

I always have it attached to my pants via an anti-theft thingy and even if they stole it I could delete anything off of it in seconds. Getting 2 Step reset if you are the owner shouldn't take more than 1 h
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June 15 2016


Devil/Awakened Gale in Blade And Soul

Depends on which legendary path you want to follow. You have the Hongmoon legendary at later 50 and the legendary that will come with Naryu Lab, these two are completely different legendary. If you go Hongmoon legendary path then yes your pirate wep evolves into it later BNS Gold, if you go Naryu Lab legendary then its completely separate from Hongmoon weapon path.

IMO I'm most likely going with Hongmoon legendary since NA team announced on their stream we're not getting the Dragon Tiger (TW) version and we're getting Storm (KR) version. Dragon Tiger version is amzingly good, but the KR Storm version is meh and its not as good once we get Hongmoon legendary. 

If we get the KR legendary it's worse than True Siren and can't be upgraded until we get the quest to make it into the red version, which is barely better and still worse than Pirate.

True Pirate can be upgraded into True Gale when 50 hits which skips Devil/Awakened Devil/True Devil/Awakened Gale with Blade And Soul Gold. True Devil and Awakened Gale require Silverfrost Evolve Stones to upgrade and those are going to be expensive AF so if we get the crap KR legendary True pirate will save you a lot of money. 

Upgrading to True Pirate will be the cheapest in the long-run. If at all possible, I suggest trying your best to get at least to Awakened Pirate before level 50 hits. Getting to Awakened Pirate will guarantee you to True Pirate and then on to the level 50 weapons.

As for legendaries, in the other versions, they are largely considered P2W items because of how expensive they are to earn more R4PG BNS Gold. In Taiwan, you can upgrade your legendaries without paying a cent but it would take you months or perhaps even years. I honestly have no idea what the costs will be like for the NA legendaries. Expensive I'm sure, but perhaps more feasible to actually get compared to the other versions. We won't know until they're out. 
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May 03 2016


The Zerging in PvP of Albion Online

In open world PvP in Albion Online, as in real world warfare, numbers matter. 

However, if fights are decided by numbers only, this makes for a poor game experience. 

We have the following game mechanics to reduce the advantage of larger numbers in PvP

Already implemented and subject to fine tuning
Focus Fire/Focus Healing reduction: we already have a system in place that reduces the effectiveness of focus fire and focus healing by reducing the damage / healing the target receives if being damaged / healed by a large number of players at the same time.

Cap on AoE Healing: All AoE healing spells have a cap on the maximum number of players that they can heal

No Cap on AoE Damage: AoE damage spells do not have a cap on how many players they can damage at the same time.

Escaling AoE Spells: We will have AoE spells that do more harm to each player the more players are hit with the help of Albion Online Gold. To illustrate the principle with more Albion Online Silver, if you hit 3 players with a meteor, each of them could take 300 damage. If you hit 6, each of them could take 600 damage. (with a cap somewhere of course). This principle can be applied to different spells, such as crowd control, damage or debuffs.

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January 30 2016


MapleStory: how do you feel about the chanllenge

Ok i want to ask what reboot is supposed to be, what kind of server,a more challenging ? no p2w ? more fun and interaction ? 

First i want to talk about Coin shop i'm sure everybody is having trouble to pickup boxes without the pet and how hard will be to get the ring and the other goddies... is that fair ? maybe they could make the shop less coin hungry so everybody would enjoy the event even a casual mapler

Second about the hot time, i'm sure giving a pet in this hot time would be awesome since you will only get one in one char, even a temporary one...

Third the p2w aspect, we already saw ppl saying pets aren't p2w but most ppl say it because they have a pet.

reboot is a 100% grind server so pet is a must if u want to progress, late in the game you will see how hard it become when your money start to going away because of stars and cubes and u cant grind because theres MapleStory Mesos... offcourse u can do daily boss but again you will only play to kill boss and then close maple ? u cant even sell some drops for a extra income

this is to show everybody the imbalance about the pet in a 100% grind and notrade world and i'm not asking for pets in the cash shop that we can buy with mesos... i'm saying would be smart to give one in a hot time.

Lets be honest here, pets are semi-p2w simply cause if and i mean only IF you was to say buy a pet then buy every pet skill then YES you have your self a auto cure/heal/loot/dispel bot that can auto feed its self...

On that note you can also get the very basic loot pet from hilla thats a rare drop fro 30 days im still a lil picky as to why none of the pets was in the maple reward shop for reboot hope they put them in later.
Tags: MapleStory

January 29 2016


January 27 2016


Some New Servers in Blade & Soul

Four new NA servers, two new EU servers. I'll be doing my part for the greater good and restarting my character on one of these new servers, since I don't have TOO much time invested in it.

Level 20-ish at the moment, but I don't mind one bit starting with BNS Gold. I like the game well enough that it doesn't bother me. So hopefully everybody will benefit from this patch since it's not merely an "AFK patch."

Ideally the game is designed to support the additional and removal of new servers, because if not yeah, that's going to be a problem. Frankly it shouldn't be our problem though.

From a player standpoint increased cap is worse because of instability. If the servers can't handle an increased load then it won't matter if there's no queue because we won't be able to play anyway due to lag.

Most of what you need to do as a group can be accomplished through the cross server instances anyways. So it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Unless you like a crowded server with crowded channels and people taking those mobs that you are waiting for to respawn. Lol. Lets face it, most MMOs are single player games MOSTLY. Then you get the dungeons of course. For the sake of the dungeons, they've got it covered. I've have never waited over 1 minute for a queued up dungeon.

I actually do like the crowded server and channels. I tend to just party up with other members doing the same quests I am and we just finish the quest faster.

I'm all for solo play, really, but I like the crowd. I think it comes from my first MMO being Maple Story and rolling on Scania back in the days where it was always "full" and you just had to spam to get it.

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January 26 2016


Blade & Soul: material is presented

That's more a question of how the material is presented. When a story addresses topics like violence, sexuality, social issues, personal matters in a manner that actually looks at them sincerely and establishes commentary about their nature, that's always welcome. There are plenty of quests in B&S which delve into the morality or impact of unpleasant actions in a relevant manner. 

For example, the murder of the majority of the Hongmoon School, as you referenced. That entire scene gives the right amount of gravity to the content - it is shown as being a reprehensible act and the events that follow because of it explore themes and consequences of revenge, forgiveness, and personal obligation. It's presented in an entirely different manner than just glorifying violence for its own sake, or using violence purely for shock value or as a cheap gag. Simply presenting objectionable material at face value without offering commentary as to its nature or implications doesn't serve any positive purpose - it's just furthering the existence of that objectionable material and could even be misconstrued as being endorsed by whoever presented it in the first place.

It's presented in an entirely different manner than just glorifying violence for its own sake, or using violence purely for shock value or Blade And Soul Premium Membership. Simply presenting objectionable material at face value without offering commentary as to its nature or implications doesn't serve any positive purpose - it's just furthering the existence of that objectionable material and could even be misconstrued as being endorsed by whoever presented it in the first place.

They shouldn't be listening to them but that quote makes it obvious they're indoctrinated into "critical theory", and carry water for these factions who hate the customers they're supposed to be serving.

In other words, they're in that job not to faithfully provide an accurate gaming experience, they're there to impose their "right-think" on us "dirty, misogynistic" gamers!
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January 25 2016

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Albion Online is a registered trademark of Sandbox Interactive GMBH. Albion Online Is A Registered Trademark in Germany, And/Or Other Countries. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with Albion Online. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. 

Tags: Albion Online

Blade & Soul Tips - Save Time and Money

1. Do not waste your repair tools carelessly.
2. Do not waste your keys and charms on weapons you don't need.
3. Do not sell the weapons and accessories you find, they can be used as upgrade material so keep them for when the time comes.
4. For arena PvP, whether you use your training weapon or the best weapon in the game you deal the same damage.
5. Your weapon only loses durability when you get hard CC'd (for example knocked down or stunned Cheap Blade And Soul Gold) or when you are defeated and enter falled down state (EACH time you fall down, meaning if you fall down, recover chi and fall down again you lose durability again).
6. Salvage soul shields you find from random mobs, they drop transmutation materials.
7. You can use RED upgrade gems at any level because they give the same flat experience, however you should keep GREEN upgrade gems for use later in the game to get the full value out of them, maybe combine them with upgrade tickets too (the ones that make sure you get the full upgrade exp etc.).
8. When crafting, you can log out safely without your orders getting cancelled.
9. Once you get to Jadestone do all of the profession gathering quests. They're extremely easy to do and give a whopping 1000 exp each, which lets you skip more time-consuming quests early on (such as the first hub in Cinderlands).
10. One very important one to add is that doing achievements increase character stats.
For detailed explanations of each tip, read the original post. You'll find other tips for progression, combat and other aspects.

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January 23 2016

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With only 6 days left till our Closed Beta starts, it's time to highlight the overhauled core of our game: the classless combat.

Tags: Albion Online

January 22 2016

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Albion Online ist das erste Plattformübergreifende Sandbox MMORPG des Berliner Entwickler Studios Sandbox Interactive GmbH. Egal ob auf dem PC, Linux, Mac oder Androidgeräten, alle können in Albion zusammen spielen. Jens, der schon etwas erfahrenere Spieler, zeigt Nils die Grundlagen des Spiels, entführt in aber auch in die höherleveligen Dungeons.

Tags: Albion Online

How about to change Dialog/Personality of Blade & Soul

I'm not sure if any else noticed but the dialog for the game has been changed so much that it just bugs me. I would like to note that this only happens after alpha they changed it for some reason during beta.
Warning - this might be a spoiler
During the mission where you travel back in time, you succumb to the Black flower when you see the Jin Seo Yeon in the past. I noticed two major changes that occurred.
Jin Seo Yeon is completely not aware of the character's wound (seriously its oversize flower how can she not see that) she would not make any remarks that the character is from the future. However in the original game Jin Seo Yeon was aware of the situation once she spot the black flower, and spared the character remarking something like their destined to meet in the future and that the heavens has a sick sense of humor.
My second problem that I noticed is that Jin Seo Yeon was far more cruel and insulting than the original Blade & Soul Items. Jin Seo Yeon would refer the character as a rat and a wretch and only spared the character because she had better things to do. While Jin Seo Yeon lacks empathy and is very hateful but she is not known to insult people, its often that her criticism are effective enough to be antagonize others but she is not known for calling names. This can be proven later on in the story when its revealed why she became such a person.
My only problems is that it was a unnecessary change to begin with and it changes the character personality to a fair degreed.
Tags: Blade & Soul

January 21 2016

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Albion Online is an open world sandbox MMORPG with a heavy focus on crafting, guild vs guild, classless combat, player housing and dungeons, In this video I played the game for 10 hours and cut it down to the more interesting parts of my first impressions with a mini review of my experiences at the end, Albion Online will be released in 2016 as a cross platform free to play game.

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What Do "Headquarters" Means

IDC if they name my server BigBlackC. What the *cricket*, thats not an insult to me...
How is your server name choice a personal attack on me? or My country , or its players?
IDGAF if your server is named Super Saiyan lvl 4 and mine is named Hello Kitty.
I don't understand ANY fuss over the server names, AT ALL NONE ZERO...
About the HQ? Assuming you meant 'Headquarters."
How about, taking a look at company history, regions they were targeting etc. Its not like they just built a NC HQ in the united states, this was all in place supporting their other games that were major here.
Its not all about trying to screw you over, again, you guys are such silver spooned kings and queens of the world, you feel like everything is a personal attack.
How about the cost of living and operating in Europe? Your talking about an ASIAN country, who has one of the least valued currencies, trying to set up shop in EUROPE.
Perhaps, if you didn't feel that much better then the world, that you had to create a REAL LIFE pay wall to lock us out and segregate yourselves form Blade & Soul Power leveling, these issues wouldn't exist, until then. Lie in the bed you made.
Its obvious to me, they don't have a system set up in that country, at all, probably because they lack the resources, or will not reap high enough rewards to compensate, spending billions of dollars to open a whole new wing in one of the most expensive places on the planet.
Would you feel better if they just simply didn't offer you this game, because they "Lacked resources" instead of trying hard to at least give you something?
Tags: Blade & Soul

January 20 2016

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Blade & Soul: A Really Good Game

Its not that expensive, unless you just decide to buy them all straight up. In my experience I can get by with the survey/quest rewards and buying 10 more from the NCoin shop as I said above this. Now I really don't see any reason to waste my cash when there are multiple ways to get them for free:
1. Selling gold for NCoin -> HM Coin and then just buying the pouches like that
2. Any future events that are likely to get out dragon pouches as trash rewards, and since I didn't max out my inventory/warehouse they will be useful to me
3. As the level cap increases, they might also add more surveys and those surveys could possibly give more dragon pouches.
4. Daily dash luck
So really my advice would be DO NOT spend your money to max out your inventory and Blade And Soul Gold. At the most just max out your inventory and just let your warehouse unlock slowly as you get free ones in the future. Again this is a reason why Master Pack is best, because you can max out your inventory and warehouse for free on at least 1 character if you want. With both the starter pack's pouches + the 7200 NCoin.
***Also don't forget daily dash rewards are account bound not character bound. So if you win the rewards on 1 character, just don't receive them on that character and get them on your other one.

Tags: Blade & Soul
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